Game Prototype: Ghost Maze


Two updates in one day! This is another project I worked on that involved using State Machines. This time, there’s only two objects using them, your Ally and the Ghost. However, they’re much more complicated than the states in the Ecosystem since that was more of a test. Ghost Maze is much closer to a game as there are loss and win conditions but, it is still pretty basic, with only one version of the maze and only one ghost in said maze. The main idea behind this prototype was what if the player was the escort in an Escort Mission? Thus the player can only follow their Ally, call for help if they see the ghost, and of course, run. If I were to take this further, I’d definitely add a number of variations for the maze, more ghosts  and maybe a couple more options for the player. I hope you have fun with it!

Build and Project File:

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Game Concept Prototype: Ecosystem


Finally adding some more to my Portfolio! This time, it’s a simple proof of concept/prototype. The goal was to build a miniature ecosystem using State Machines. This was my first time working with Unity’s Behaviour and State Machine plugins, but it was a fun little project. The goal is to simply move the player around and see how it interacts with the other objects, and how those objects also interact with one another. So here’s a link containing both a Build of the game if you just want to mess around, as well as the actual Unity Project file as it allows you to directly watch the States as they occur. Click Read More if you want to see some images of the State Machines themselves. Enjoy!

Build and Project:

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Game: Crimson Silver


With every major aspect of Crimson Silver’s development covered, it’s finally time to post the game itself! Unfortunately, I’ve lost access to the server that I kept earlier Unity games/projects on. So instead, I’ll be using Google Drive to give access to the PC and Web Builds of the game. The Web Build is of course smaller in file size, although this prevents you from editing any settings for the player. But if you want to quickly play the game, the Web Build is the way to go. Enjoy and please leave any comments you might have on the game!

Web Build (11mb):

PC Build (22mb zip file):

Game: Crimson Silver – Level Design


We’re almost there! Now that the Programming has been covered, all that remains to talk about is the Level Design. I had two goals in mind when designing the first level of Crimson Silver. The first was to make a level that slowly introduces each enemy and element, before bringing them together to create a fun level that’s a challenge, but not too hard overall. The second goal was to make a level that was believable for the setting as it takes place in the past, and not in a fantasy world. The result was creating three distinct areas of the level that increased in difficulty and changed in style. Let’s take a look…

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Game: Crimson Silver – Programming


With Art done and dusted, we come to one of the most important parts of game design, the programming. On one hand, I consider myself to be a pretty good programmer; on the other hand, this is probably the hardest part of the process to explain in words and images. But I’ll try regardless! To start, in Unity (the dev tool I use) you have two default languages, C# and JavaScript. I use C# and generally prefer how it’s somewhat more detailed than JavaScript. With that said, let’s move onto the programming within Crimson Silver…

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Game: Crimson Silver – Art and Animation


With the Concept and Planning done, we now move onto the Art and Animation part of Crimson Silver’s development. I would say about four months (out of ten) were spent on these two areas, with art taking up most of that. Now all parts of game development take a while, especially when you’re making it on your own. However, art and later animation took so long because of the slower process I have to make the sprites for the game, as well as just not being an artist. I have no tablets or other special drawing tools to streamline things, and I certainly wouldn’t try just using a mouse to do it. So how exactly did I make the artwork and sprites for Crimson Silver? Well…

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Game: Crimson Silver – Concept and Planning


Instead of a review this week, I’ll be writing a series of posts on my game, Crimson Silver. It is not a full game yet, as the playable build I will be uploading in the final post only contains a tutorial and the first level. So it’s currently more of a game demo. Nevertheless, I will be covering in detail the work that went into making this game, starting with the concept and planning. Crimson Silver was a solo project I undertook last year, taking about 10 months to finish the current build. With that said, let’s explore the world of solo game design…

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Game Mod: Space Shooter

This is a mod I made to test changing materials in Unity and mixing state changes with triggers. It uses Unity’s “Space Shooter Project” as a base, but removes extra obstacles, adds color change states, enemy types, shot types, a different background and edited textures.

Note: The game is vertically oriented, so you will want to zoom out in your browser in order to see the whole field.

Web Link:

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Game Mod: Boxy

This was a college project which required students to design a fun, challenging level that was about 5 minutes long, using the assets provided. Seeing as the provided character had a triple jump and collectables with a coin sound, I immediately thought of Super Mario. With that in mind, I attempted to create the feeling of a Mario level, which required some minor additions to the assets, mainly code (enemy movement & the wooden bridge).

Note: This is another 3D game and thus too much for Web Browsers, thus only a Windows Build is provided, but other builds can be added if requested. Also, the game was meant to showcase “Greybox” design, which is a level without the art assets. However, I added music to make it more alive.

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Game Level: Game Jam – Level 5

Continuing from the last game posted, this was the level I build for a collaborative Game Jam project in October 2014. It was an ambitious project, making a huge jump in technical level. Not only was it a jump from 2D to 3D, but it also used the Oculus Rift, which is a Virtual Reality device.

The theme of the game was meant to be Trick or Treat (Halloween…haha), which resulted in a game featuring candy and bright colors, but also using illusions and visual tricks to mess with players.

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