Game Mod: Space Shooter

This is a mod I made to test changing materials in Unity and mixing state changes with triggers. It uses Unity’s “Space Shooter Project” as a base, but removes extra obstacles, adds color change states, enemy types, shot types, a different background and edited textures.

Note: The game is vertically oriented, so you will want to zoom out in your browser in order to see the whole field.

Web Link:

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Game Mod: Boxy

This was a college project which required students to design a fun, challenging level that was about 5 minutes long, using the assets provided. Seeing as the provided character had a triple jump and collectables with a coin sound, I immediately thought of Super Mario. With that in mind, I attempted to create the feeling of a Mario level, which required some minor additions to the assets, mainly code (enemy movement & the wooden bridge).

Note: This is another 3D game and thus too much for Web Browsers, thus only a Windows Build is provided, but other builds can be added if requested. Also, the game was meant to showcase “Greybox” design, which is a level without the art assets. However, I added music to make it more alive.

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Game Level: Game Jam – Level 5

Continuing from the last game posted, this was the level I build for a collaborative Game Jam project in October 2014. It was an ambitious project, making a huge jump in technical level. Not only was it a jump from 2D to 3D, but it also used the Oculus Rift, which is a Virtual Reality device.

The theme of the game was meant to be Trick or Treat (Halloween…haha), which resulted in a game featuring candy and bright colors, but also using illusions and visual tricks to mess with players.

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Game: “3 o’Clock”

“3 o’Clock” is a 2D Side Scroller developed during Sheridan College’s February 2014 Game Jam. I was the main (and only) programmer for the project. It won the Industry Choice Award from Ubisoft.

Note: The theme of the Game Jam was Anti-Bullying. For now, only a Web and Windows Build will be available. Mac and Linux can be added if requested.

Online Version (Unity Web Player Required):

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