Mechanic Variant 2: Combo Offset

To set this up, some attacks require combos to use, if you’re combo is interrupted, then you are unable to use that move. So usually the most damaging move is the last one in some combos, but if you’re interrupted, you have to do the combo all over again. With Combo Offset however, you are able to continue the combo where you left off if  you parry/counter your opponents follow-up to their interruption.

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Mechanic Variant 1: Block Combo

In most fighting games, you hold back on the control stick to block attacks. In some games you take no damage, while in others you take minimal damage. Regardless, you are able to block mostly everything except grabs and some super combos.
While this works functionally, it is ridiculous when you have characters shooting massive fire balls, or other magic attacks and you don’t take any (or much) damage just because your character was in a defensive stance. Same with when an opponent uses a weapon like a knife and stabs your character, but no, you held back so your character’s hand is in front of their face, thus no damage.

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Combos at its best

So now that I’ve discussed the history and evolution of combos in fighting games, it’s time to talk about combos at their prime. This game represents the high point of combos (among many other mechanics) because before it, combos were relatively basic and still trying to emulate Street Fighter 2. However, combos in modern fighting games (Street Fighter 4 onward) have become ridiculously long and complex, because combos that require a ton of skill to pull off are popular among the main audience of fighting games, the tournament players.

Thus, this game came out in the between era, where combos were short enough for newcomers to perform, but required skill in their timing and usage, thereby making them a challenge for devoted fans. The skill lay in reading your opponent and using your combos wisely; not in how fast you could perform a 20 input combo string. So just what is this game I’ve been talking up? Well if you noticed, I mentioned both Street Fighter 2 and 4, so is the answer Street Fighter 3? Well, not exactly. The answer is none other than:

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